COSCOSOFTWARE PAYTM CLONE SCRIPT – Digital wallet website template is developed in PHP and it is secured online payment solution for enabling businesses this Script comprising of Mobile Recharge, Bill Payments, Bus Booking, Hotel Booking, Flight Booking, Cab Booking, Movie Booking and Shopping.COSCOSOFTWARE PAYTM Wallet platform provides digital payment platform with wallet and many features. COSCOSOFTWARE  PAYTM provide the best technology platform to build mobile digital wallet application which can be used for transactions It is enriched with many features so that you can make your Digital wallet site with lot of features like Secure Payment Methods,etc.. Our COSCOSOFTWARE script is Search Engine Friendly, so operators need not worry about the first page of result in major search engines

Technology Used
•PHP Language
• MySQL information
• Core PHP Framework
• Server: Any Linux Server

Modules enclosed
• Recharge
• Ecommerce
• Bus, Hotel, Flight, Cab.
• cash Transfer
• Bill Payments
• Panels enclosed for the above: User, Guest User, case User, Admin, Agent, Super Admin, Multi- Admin, Marketing, center, Vendor, and Enterprise.

Recharge options
GENERAL options
• fashionable style
• Advanced User and Admin Panel
• client Support Management
• Content Management System (CMS)
• User Friendly website
• CAPTCHA for Security
• SMS Alert
• Templates victimization hypertext markup language

• Multiple Mobile Recharge API Support
• Unlimited Long Code Support
• Multiple Routes for causing SMS Alerts
• Members report • group action Report
• Real Time evaluation
• on-line Cancellation at finish Procedure
• Booking Amendments
• Recharge consultative Services
• Booking Management
• Affiliate Model
• Multiple Payment choices

• Feel the easiness in your pill
• Mobile/laptop/desktop
• Any device same read and same performance.
• style and cryptography
• simple cryptography for development and style
• simple management:
• Organize in associate degree orderly manner
• looking out choices
• folio
• simple responsive
• simple menu navigation button
• machine sleuthing circle with operators read
• Full support
• High structured
• one hundred pc answer
• Detail reports concerning operators
• Offline sms services through agents
• simple manage of users
• Payment choices victimization case
• Payment integration through money
• Book or cancel orders
• Collect details concerning Operators
• assembling Commissions
• Google mappings
• Responsive Design:
• Customizable
• Recharge for desktop software:
• Multi choices in recharging DTH / web
• Downloadable software package for straightforward recharge
• Compatible choices for recharge
• Complete solutions for software package
• simple install mobile application
• modification settings with server variety
• Balance and group action details through sms /email
• choices in setting native numbers and keywords for sms recharge
• Account management:
• User level management in three levels – user – distributor – merchandiser
• Complete datum in chart • Add/debit recharge balance
• List of unlimited users, retailers and distributors
• asking and web (integrated and automatic payment with centralized reports. Transfer
recharges credit through sms)
• Mobile application with uploading eminent options, customizable panel with vibrant themes, work with own domain /sub domain.
• Automatic reconciliation (refund, failure dealing, inside hours refund)
• User friendly with net interference (mobile recharge web site, straightforward and swish navigations)
• 100% transactional reports with operator
• Graphical analytics charts for business development
• Recharge dealing report into stand out
• Any payment integration:
• Powerful and reliable
• Comprehensive documentation
• Automatic refund
• Single API with listing

• Login credentials
• sale graph
• town management
• Manage town details (edit, status, delete, pagination)
• Route management • User management
• Manage the users details (edit, delete, status)
• Admin management
• Admin Access for every menus and options will management.
• Admin, worker and manager’s access and roles are often managed.
• Advantage of booking
• Bulk SMS managed
• Sms log details
• Email log details
• Banners managed
• Manage marquee text
• day-after-day supply coupon codes would be generated.
• Booking managed
• Cancellation
• Payment managed
• Commission managed
• Refund standing • Cancelling Policy
• Service details

• check in register choices.
• Cancel.
• Fund transfer.
• Check refund standing.
• Coupon codes.
• Promotions codes.
• case offers credits.
• Intellectual client verification
• Refer a friends…etc.

cash Transfer options
General options
• straightforward to enter and subscribe
• Bug free, quick loading and 100% open supply
• High level of multi superimposed security for scam hindrance
• Multi language support facilitating international business
• Provides bigger finance security with advanced protection options • Payment Notification done instantly
• Personal my account details with history.
• Reports
• Get Email choices.
• Get SMS choices.
• Search possibility enabled
• User case obtainable.
• Payment entrance enabled.
User aspect options
• Immediate cash transfers to user account from admin account
• Instant E-voucher creation helps in withdrawal • cash transfer choices additionally extended for alternative entry users
• Captcha or turning code enabled login for non-human larva acces
• Security settings is drained favour of customer’s convenience
• Pilot cash transfer facility between the users
• Supports Multi currency transactions

Agent panel
• Login
• instrument panel
• Booking report
• Reports
• case deposit
• Print

Admin options
• Admin will manage emails and notifications
• website Functionalities and settings is optimized
• Module integration is done that helps in adding or deleting
• Effective user management
• fast on-line client support
• Sub account making facility
• dealing History is analysed

• Login credentials
• Admin management
• Admin Access for every menus and options will management.
• Admin, worker and manager’s access and roles is managed.
• Manage details (edit, status, delete, pagination)
• User management
• Banners managed
• Manage marquee text
• day-after-day supply coupon codes would be generated.
• Manage the users details (edit, delete, status)
• Payment managed
• Commission managed
• Refund standing
• Cancelling Policy
• fast on-line client support
• Sub account making facility
• dealing History is analysed
• Admin will manage emails and notifications
• website Functionalities and settings is optimized
• Module integration is done that helps in adding or deleting
• Cancellation
• Bulk SMS managed
• Sms log details
• Email log details

• register sign in choices
• Print
• Cancel
• Fund transfer.
• Check refund standing by coming into the price ticket range.
• Coupon codes.
• Promotions codes.
• case offers credits.
• Refer a friends
• Personal my account details with history.
• Reports
• Get Email choices.
• Get SMS choices.
• Search possibility enabled
• User case on the market.
• Payment entry enabled.

Bus/Hotel/Flight options
• Login
• Registration
• Print
• Cancel
• Refund standing
• Wallet
• Fund transfer
• price ticket booking history
• Forgot parole
• OTP generation
• Search
• Wallet

• Login
• traveler report
• case deposit
• Print
• instrument panel
• Booking report
• Reports

• Login
• Agent Management
• Service details
• Deposit request
• Testimonials
• User provide
• Refund standing
• produce Sub-admin
• Affiliate reports
• Affiliate user commission and mark-up
• Affiliate master
• Master reports
• Agent dealings
• Dummy price tag
• Dummy price tag report
• Spinner Users
• SMS managed
• Email managed
• Bulk SMS managed
• Bulk Email managed
• Payment entranceway management
• electrical device
• Booking report
• Reports
• traveler report
• billfold deposit
• Print

• Login
• Promotional codes
• Banner managed
• User provide
• Dummy price tag
• Spinner Users
• Print tickets managed
• Cancel tickets managed
• SMS managed
• Email managed
• Booking report
• Bus/hotel/flight sort management
• Service details
• Refund standing
• Tickets managed
• User management
• Coupon generation

• Login
• Registration
• Forgot arcanum
• User Dashboard
• contraption style managed
• User Profile
• Commission managed
• contraption managed

• Search
• OTP generation
• Ticket
• Print
• Cancel
• SMS Generation
• Email generation
• Seat choice
• Personal details
• Fare details
• Payment entranceway method

• Login
• Registration
• Forgot arcanum
• Search
• Bus/hotel/flight choice
• Payment entranceway
• OTP generation
• Ticket
• Print
• Cancel
• Email generation
• SMS generation
• Seat choice
• Personal details
• Fare details
• billfold payment

Cab options
UNIQUE options
• Destination Management
• Best Deals bonded
• Affiliate Model
• Multiple Payment choices
• Real Time rating
• client Satisfaction
• on-line Cancellation/Refund
• Booking Amendments
• Travel informatory Services

GENERAL options
• Alerts Or Notifications
• Membership Approval
• Payment Integration
• User Friendly
• Secure Payments
• Time Saving
• Best 24/7 client Support
• Booking offers

• Check on accessible cab details, choose desired cab, and pick-up purpose
• Send the booking details via SMS
• Send the booking details via Email
• will read en-numbers of cab
• User billfold accessible
• Payment entrance enabled
• client login credentials in conjunction with forgot word choice.
• Personal account details
• Email notification
• Search choice enabled

• Login credentials
• Admin Profile
• Agent details to look at
• Cab details managed
• Cancellation managed
• Payment details managed
• read cab dealing details
• Cancelling policies
• SMS details managed
• Email details managed
• Block/unblock agent record
• word modification
• Cab details to be managed ( add/delete/edit/block/unblock/pagination)
• Cab structure designed
• Cab pictures and videos managed
• traveler details managed
• Booking details managed

• Login credentials
• control board managed
• Booking reports managed
• Ledger details managed
• Wallet/cancellation managed
• Monthly-yearly-today chart managed
• Cab dealing reports managed
• Agent Profile
• Deposits
• Target and Incentives managed

• Login credentials
• Cab kind management
• Booking cancellation
• Payment managed
• Commission managed
• Refund standing
• Cancelling Policy
• Cab service details
• Advantage of cab booking
• Bulk SMS managed
• Sms log details
• Email log details
• Banners managed
• Manage marquee text
• every day supply coupon codes would be generated.
• Bookings done (day, month, year)
• Booking graph
• User management
• Manage the users details(edit, delete, status)
• Passengers management
• Booking details
• booking agent details
• Cab kind manag

E-Commerce options
Prepare a wire-frame supported the inputs given by the shopper and monitored by the Business Team. Once approved, it’s regenerate into a novel graphics style for the house page style mistreatment Photoshop.

• fast Contact information module
• Inner Page style and Customization, the layout are going to be dissent from the house Page
• changing the unambiguously styleed graphics design into CMS layout.
• Configuring the CMS module Positions & layouts
• Menu layout and position creation as per graphics style
• high Menu Implementation with cascading menu support
• Copyrights Footer module Implementation
• Footer Menu Implementation
• Left / Right facet Custom text module
• Admin will ready to add pictures to the banner slide show
• Admin will ready to view/edit the photographs within the banner slide show
• Admin will ready to delete the photographs within the banner slide show
• Adding content pages up to ten pages with correct alignment
• One or a lot of pictures enclosed within the page
• A content page includes company profile, about us, Service details, vision-mission, History regarding
company and Privacy policy etc. SLIDE SHOW – ADMIN practicality

• show the Entry detail page
• possibility for choose the entries from Alphabet
• Basic and Advance search possibility
• when choose anybody of the list , goes to the Entry elaborate page

• Login Module for user login from the forepart
• Recovery arcanum possibility
• Account activation victimization email verification code to avoid the junk registration

• The profile page has the subsequent choices
• My accounts
• My orders
• My list
• when login user will read their profile page
• User will edit the profile details.
• User will modification the arcanum.

• Home
• Contact America
• Account
• list
• Cart
• Admin will read all the user list
• Admin will edit the user profile details
• Admin will delete / Block any use

• Home
• About us
• Products
• classes and sub classes • diary
• Contact America
Note: Main menu is subjected to alter supported the consumer requirement\
• The page is sorted by value like
• Low
• High
• All costs
• Brand
• Price
• Admin will add/edit/delete the product
• CSV transfer feature for details of the product within the CMS & XML transfer possibility for the photographs
• The page is additionally having the filters like
• New Arrivals
• Color
• Size
• The page is intended with the list of product
• every product is show with a picture and also the basic data like
• Product name
• Price
• Discount
• Size
• Color
• Recent visit
• Featured product
• Products
• Offers

• Buy now
• raise compare
• Similar product
• individuals additionally viewed
• Others
• fast Look(add to cart)
• rivet impact
• Product info
• Specification
• raise cart
• pushcart with product pictures and editable quantities
• calculable shipping value and tax before check-out
• specific inspect with minimum contact details and motor vehicle generated parole
• Pre-registered motor vehicle fill fields
• Ability to decide on delivery modes in check-out
• Email opt-in throughout checkout
• machine-controlled abandoned cart recovery
• Checkout as a Guest
• One-page Checkout
• Custom Message throughout Checkout for Delivery directions
• User will click the purchase currently button, it’ll side in their cart
• once more giving choice for continue looking or head to inspect
• inspect page method, showing the cart item list
• User will update / delete the things from the pushcart
• Shipping strategies choose page
• charge info collect page
• Payment technique choose page
• Order confirmation page
• Order email confirmation email can head to Admin and User

• Generate Invoice in PDF
• Get Invoice copy on email
• Admin will manage the orders of the user.
• Admin will accept/reject the order. BILLING

PAYMENT entryway
• Admin will read all the Payment strategies
• Admin will read all the Orders list
• Admin will Edit / Delete Orders from the list
• Admin will manage the orders of the user.
• Admin will accept/reject the order.
• Order will filter by Payment standing and Order variety
• Admin will read the reports
• Admin will filter the reports for Date vary, Monthly, Weekly, Daily
• Admin will modify the Payment strategies details
• Support anybody of the subsequent payment
• PayPal
• Bank payment gateways
• once the user selects for the pay currently choice, he ought to fill few details concerning him.
• User required to decide on the mode of payment that takes the user to fill the bank details. ORDERS AND REPORTS

• Admin will provide the appreciated system to users
• Admin will add any variety of nations
• Admin will add any variety of Currencies
• supported the coupon code user can get discount
• API integration
• Admin will read all the Users and User teams
• Admin will Edit / Delete the users knowledge
• Admin will produce a Coupon code for Discount

• API integration
• client case would be connected inside the location wherever refunds /cancellations may well be

• Admin will set the inventory alerts
• Once the inventory reaches the limit admin can receive the alerts
• Admin will add/edit/delete the inventory


• chance for a limiteless quantity of languages
• summary of the modified con• there’s AN choice of giving ratings for the products(5 star rating)
• Admin will add/edit/delete any comment and rating
• User will write comments on any merchandise
tents within the Translation list
• The operator can choose the language to put in writing the remarks
• The user will selects the language to transfer the remarks and invoice
• Provision to pick out the language & currency from the forepart
• Content are going to be provided by the shopper
• Content component Manager
• simple Translation
• Translation module (admin)
• easier language handling (meta information)
• Translation summary within the forepart

• User Profile
• User will edit, delete, update their profile
• Have their contact data, personal data and extra data listed.
• User Profile Image
• User will transfer their profile image
• Manage Connections
• Manages friends in teams
• read friends profile
• Subscription, User will read their subscriptions
• Blog, User will have their own diary entries and lists. Submit diary, add comment, read others diary.
• Forum, User will have their forum post listed and think about others forum
• Articles, User will have their article listing and archived articles, User will send, receive and reply
profile post
• Ability to line up the configurations for the subsequent data
• Development of Tab Management for add/delete/edit tab that seems at the forepart.
• Development of Field Management for add/delete/edit further field for registration kind and
other forms.
• Development of List Management for outline the sort however the user list ought to be displayed.
• Limit the access of image view(friends solely, all)
• further fields in profile
• increased registration workflows
• User lists
• affiliation ways between users
• Admin outlined tabs and user profiles
• Image transfer, front-end
• User manage their album (upload and take away the images)
• Slideshow
• Configurable interval for slideshow preview
• Sizeable – set dimension and height for your image gallery
• CB profile gallery • User will transfer the photographs
• report – USER practicality
• Activate the subscriber mistreatment email activation.
• User Unsubscribe choice, once the user no have to be compelled to receive the report
• Subscribe module for user subscription
• Subscriber email extended validation
• Subscription acknowledgment for email confirmation
• report – ADMIN practicality
• report templet Creation, we will use the templet at any time for causing the report
• Synchronize the user from the registered User, means that convert the registered user into report
subscriber in single click
• Import / Export the signed Users
• Block the user to avoid receiving report
• take a look at report send by admin itself
• making report mistreatment hypertext mark-up language Editor
• causing bulk report in Batch wise ( to avoid the spam)


• Admin will revealed / unpublished the prevailing Testimonial
• Admin will modification the order of existing Testimonial show within the forepart
• Testimonial base support pictures
• User will read all the list of Testimonial
• Admin will read all the Testimonial
• Admin will Add any variety of Testimonial
• Admin will Edit / Delete the prevailing Testimonial

• Admin will modification the order of existing FAQ’s show within the forepart
• FAQ’s base support pictures
• User will read all the list of FAQ’s
• FAQ’s support the Accordion Effects within the forepart
• Admin will read all the FAQ’s
• Admin will Add any variety of FAQ’s
• Admin will Edit / Delete the prevailing FAQ’s
• Admin will revealed / unpublished the prevailing FAQ’s

• Support for alternative parts through extension modules; every part extension has own
configurable parameters
• Multilingualism support and computer address localization
• UTF-8 URLs support
• computer address caching
• piece of writing access capability
• computer address variables filtering choice – forestall computer address code injections! With custom filter definitions
• computer address supply tracing to assist portion problematic code
• 301 Redirections management
• 404 Page Not Found customization
• Generate SEF computer addresss • Advanced SEF URL management
• Generate and manage data (component – based)
• will override default data generated by part or Joomla (title, meta tags)
• Sitemap generation
• Keywords management
• Duplicates management

• website group action
• guests by science address
• Registered users
• Page views
• fashionable pages
Back links counter
• Google Page Rank
• Yandex TYC
• Alexa Traffic Rank
• New versions checker
• Multii profiles
• Traffic Sources
• Referring Sites / referring pages computer address
• fashionable Search queries
• operative systems and their versions
• Browsers and their versions
• guests Locations
• Events (downloads, out bond links)
• Indexed pages counter (Google, Yahoo, Bing (MSN), Yandex, Rambler, All the net, Ask, AltaVista)
• The footer menu in the main consists of
• About us
• Privacy policy
• Security
• Returns
• Press
• report
• Terms and conditions
• Others

• Once the shape submitted , email can visit Admin email id
• show the address of the workplace location
• Google Map support for show the workplace Location
• Follow United States of America on varied social media (FB, Twitter, g+)
CONTACT United States of America PAGE
• Contact United States of America page can have with kind with five to six fields

MULTI vender
• Quality Testing for the complete web site
• Fixing if any bug is found
• Migrating the location from native server to measure server
• vender login credentials and access / role of menu are going to be created by admin.
• once login vender will add / delete/ read or update their merchandise.
• Multi-Vendor so the Vendor/Seller will add a slider to their own SEO landing page.
• once the seller then logs into his/her account they’re going to realize a vender Module List Item, with Item
Add vender Slider, there they will add the slider for his or her landing page. • If the seller has nothing accessorial as sliders then the page will not show slider nor a placeholder, as if
there was no slider. TESTING AND FIXING BUGS

Requirements required from shopper
• name
• API for Integration(We can Integrate it)
• Company brand if you have got or we will style it.
• Color/Layout Preferences
• Links for FB, LinkedIn & Twitter etc.
• One purpose of contact for project coordination

User :

Super Admin :
username : demosuperadmin
password : demo123

Agent :
username : demoagent
password : 123456

Zonal Distributor :
username : demodistributor
password : demo123

Channel :
useranme : demochannel
password : demo123

Area :
username : demoarea
password : demo123

Zonal :
username : demozonal
password :

Email :
Skype ID : doditsolutions
Mobile : +91 7339131505. Landline : 0431-4000616.