coscosoftware Monster Clone is a popular job portal website. A job portal, also known as a career portal, is a modern name for an online job board that helps applicants find jobs. An employment website is a web site that deals specifically with employment or careers. Many big and small organizations are using Internet as a source of recruitment. They advertise job vacancies through worldwide web. The job seekers send their applications or curriculum vitae (CV) through an e-mail using the Internet.

Technology Used
• PHP Language
• Core PHP Framework
• MySQL Database
• Server: Any Linux Server.
Modules Included
• Job Portal
• Panels included for the above: User, Guest User, Employer, Super Admin and advanced features.
Job Portal Features
• Dashboard You can view a graphical representation of details. Total Number of Employers, Jobseekers, Categories, Locations etc.
• Manage Job Seekers Admin can view list of Jobseekers, they can activate, deactivate them. Manage Certificates, View applied Job list.
• Manage Employers Admin can view list of Employers, they can activate, deactivate them. Manage Certificates, View applied Job list.
• Manage Jobs Admin can view the list of Jobs posted and manage them. Admin can view details of candidates applied for this job.
• Email
Admin can send bulk email to users as well.
• Manage Newsletter Admin can view the list of Newsletters and can also send subscribed user list.
• Gateways Multiple payment gateways offer secure online payment method, as the customers can use their favourite method.
• Languages The entire user side of the script can be customized to the language of your choice. You can Add, Edit and Set Translations.
• RTL Compatible writing with Right to Left language like Arabic or Hebrew and offers bidirectional support on all browsers.
• Hybrid Apps Users get fully branded IOS & Android Apps for your Monster Job Portal Clone Script Website.
• OTP Login Supports Social Media Login (FB and Twitter). Sign up with a mobile number to allow Login using OTP (One Time Password) for a password less login access to your Website.
• Location Our system has Auto detect location feature based on which country you are and shows lists of jobs near you. • Job Search User can search for a Job based on his Job title, Skill, Top Companies or By Salary Range and the preferred location.
• Apply Jobs Users can apply for any jobs list as per their experience or relevant information.
• Applied Jobs User can view the list of Jobs he has applied for from his history.
• Manage Job Alert Once the User Applies for a Job. He will get Alerts for the specified Job, Location, and Category etc. User can activate or deactivate the Alerts.
• Upload a Resume Users can upload his or her resume by selecting the format & adding fields which is mandatory for him.
• Manage Experience User can view all experience they have added in their profile and can customize edit, delete them anytime.
• Declaration User have option to select declaration statement while applying jobs.
• Favourite Job Users can mark their favourite jobs and compare details before applying on the job.
• Manage Education
Users can view, edit, delete and can manage the Education added.
• Job Industry User can search for Job using specific Industry, Functions etc.
• Mail History User can manage mail history of custom mail application sent by the employer.
• View Recruiters Users can view details of Recruiters available on particular company and area.
• Follow Users can Follow Recruiter Profiles and also send them a message.
• Multi-Language Supports multiple languages on your Website and extend the reach of products to global audience.
• Responsive Customers get a fully responsive Monster Job Portal Clone themes with ‘fit-all-screen’ compatibility allowing to buy from your store using mobile phones or tablets.
• Registration Employer of a concern can register on the Job Portal using Social Media, Email and Phone Number.
• Overview View details of Candidate waiting for Review, Activity you have done past week and details of Interview etc.
• Post a Job Enter Job details, Description, Qualification, and Salary details and any questions you prefer for the candidate to fill on seeing this post.
• Candidates View details of Candidates applied for the Job you have posted. View their resume and you can send them a message asking them details.
• Filter Candidates can be filtered by Location, Education, and Most Recent Position if they are an experienced Candidate and by Language.
• Status You can change Status of Application as in Awaiting for Review, Interviewed, Rejected or Hired.
• Payment History Employer can view the Payment Transactions as per the subscribed plan.
• Mail History Once a Job is Posted Employer will receive details of candidate interested in a mail thread.
• Social Media Log In This allows clients to enter your online shopping website through social media logins. It gives your consumers the seamless shopping experience. • Social Share You can share your Jobs or details through Social Media to your other colleagues.
• Live Chat With live chat integration reply to queries, make easy live conversation & ensure support.
• ERP Feature ERP package enable a corporation to take care of master lists of all customers and vendors, the product it sells, the fabric company procures, chart of accounts list, worker knowledge & knowledge that company owns.
• Record New Entry Suppose a brand new marketer should be recorded within the master knowledge. Correct marketer ID, his actual verified location, payment terms and mechanism and credit limits are recorded. Erp System take care of data entry in a reliable form.
• ERP Report Tools for querying info and generating unexpected reports area unit accessible within the ERP system. These tools conjointly embrace customizable dashboards, making completely different graphs and different visual representations.
• CRM A CRM element of ERP system principally keeps track of all of your client and sales information. This module includes options like insights of sales patterns and client behaviours, client preferences and many more.